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Welcome Aboard! is a place dedicated to fostering connections between those who are living out their dreams on the water and those who dream of doing so. A place to share ideas, stories, music, images and experiences of voyaging under sail and living life on the water.

If you've ever dreamt of ending the 9 to 5 grind, buying a sailboat and exploring the world while living aboard, but never knew where to start or how to go about such a fundamental life change, congratulations, you're in the right place. seeks to inspire those who have dreamt of sailing away to do just that through the experiences, tips and advice of those who have already made the plunge.

From buying the right boat to suit your needs to interactive online sailing lessons, you'll find to be the perfect practical guide. A common misconception is that a lifestyle on the water free of debt, daily grind and endless repetition is available only to those who have years of experience with boats and sailing.

On you'll find stories of people like yourself who have turned their dream into a living reality with little or no nautical background. You'll be able to follow in their voyages around the globe, get to know them and share in their experiences through biographies, photos, blog updates and videos.

Another misconception about voyaging under sail and living life on the water is that such a lifestyle is only attainable after retirement, with huge savings and financial security. On you'll find stories of young people who have decided that their dream shouldn't wait until retirement and who are happily living out it now on a shoestring.